10 Insider Tips to Hiring the Best Movers in Denver

Talking to an insider is an excellent way to get information on the moving company you want to hire. These industry insider tips are time-tested and vetted, so you can trust that they’re the best if you’re looking for the best movers in the Denver area.

1. Look for a Licensed Mover

Look for the following documents to check if your moving company has a license and certifications required to operate as a moving company:

Although the USDOT number is permanent, FMCSA has the right to withhold or revoke a mover’s registration on the following grounds:

  • Unwillingness to comply with standards and regulatory requirements
  • Failure to uphold their safety fitness requirements
  • Failure to comply with accessibility requirements
  • Failure to pay financial responsibilities
  • Failure to do their responsibilities to the customer (employer and employees)

Moving companies keep up with these requirements to avoid stringent sanctions and continue operating as a business.

Moving companies must keep up with these requirements to avoid stringent sanctions and continue operating as a business.

2. Don’t Be Discouraged by High Quotes

Reputable moving companies understand that quality service has a cost. These companies invested in the fleet and hauling equipment, training their crew, and setting up an office. They also go the extra mile to answer your queries and attend to your complaints and concerns.

A dubious company may offer you low prices but has hidden costs that end up higher than the other quotes.

3. Find a Mover with a Reliable Fleet

Moving companies invest in their fleet, not hire a moving van to haul your things. Here are some things you should look for when searching for a good moving company.

  • Marked trucks with company name and contact information
  • Vehicles of varying sizes and purposes, ex. an open truck for moving cars

4. Go for a Company with a Storage Unit

Some clients need a storage van for temporary storage before they move into their new place. Others don’t have much space in their new house, so they stuff their things in storage units.

If your moving company doesn’t have storage units, you’ll have to look for a different company for storing your valuables. However, some companies hire third-party storage unit companies for your convenience.

5. Vet Your Moving Crew

It’s scary to have strangers in your home, packing your things, and loading them into the moving truck. Though you have little control over the crew to serve you, you can still vet them by asking where the company hires their crew. Most reputable moving companies employ locals instead of hiring someone per project. Get a printed copy of the crew and their contact information so you can communicate with them before the move.

6. Ask for a Referral or Review

Moving companies compile referrals and reviews to show their prospective clients. Check their website if you can’t find the company address during the preliminary search. The best Denver moving service won’t fake their reviews to get clients because they guarantee that their clients only get the best service.

7. Choose the Right Truck Size

One of the clients’ most common mistakes is hiring a smaller moving truck and then cramping their belongings inside. Insiders recommend getting the right-sized moving truck to avoid unnecessary damage to your high-value belongings and fragile furniture. Forbes Advisor recommends getting a truck that can fit 80-100 square feet per foot. For example, hire a 24-foot moving truck if you’re moving a 2000-2400 sqft house (good for 3-4 rooms).

8. Choose the Right Vehicle

Getting the right size of a moving truck is one thing, but getting the right vehicle is another. Look for the right vehicle in this section.

Pickups and City Vans

A pickup or city van is the perfect solution if you’re moving within a city with small home improvement items. It’s small enough to weave into city traffic but sturdy enough to carry heavy furniture that your car or truck can’t accommodate.

Cargo Vans

On the other hand, a cargo van is best for moving your things from a studio apartment. It has a loading bay, allowing you to make a DIY move.


Trucks vary in size (from 10-foot to a 24-foot truck) to haul your house. As mentioned earlier, choose the right size of truck for your move.

Sports Trailers & Cargo Trailers

Trailers work best for cars with a tow hitch for moving furniture for your DIY moves because it allows you to move your car and belongings in one go. However, be sure to hitch it to the right vehicle.

One tip is to check your car’s towing capacity on the car manual. A Honda CR-V is good enough for smaller trailers, while a 4-wheel drive truck like Ford F-150 is best for bulkier loads.

Auto Transportation Trucks

Auto transportation trucks may be open-face or close-fave vehicles transporting cars for long-distance moves.

Choosing the right vehicle and/or truck is crucial as it will carry all your belongings while traveling to far places.

9. Protect Your Valuables

Even if you trust your moving crew, they’re still human and bound to commit mistakes. So, keep the moving crew out of personal spaces that hold your electronics, jewelry, cash, important documents, medical records, keys, and other items that easily get lost or stolen.

10. Get the Right Insurance Package

Check on your moving company about the insurance coverage they offer. Most companies have tie-ups with insurance companies to give you convenience.

Follow the tips from this article and you won’t have a problem!

To Sum it Up

Use these tips to hire vetted movers that you can trust to handle your move!